Pictures and Memories


Dangriga Town, Belize

There is nothing as sobering as death. It makes you cling to life in a way that you didn’t before. It makes you reevaluate things. It’s crazy to think about how someone who has always, always been around…is suddenly not. And when they’ve left this world, all they leave behind are pictures and memories.

Pictures and memories.

In February two people that I knew died. One who was a member of my faith community back at USC, and the other was my near and dear grandaunt who served as my mother whenever I was in our hometown. With my aunt, it was expected. We’d been preparing ourselves as a family for months now. But with my friend, it was completely out of the blue. Despite the different circumstances of their deaths, it’s put me in a more reflective mood than usual.

I’m thinking about how uncertain life is. I’m thinking about how settled I was beginning to feel until life threw me a curveball. I’m thinking about whether there is anything I would change if I knew I’d die tomorrow or at some fixed date in the future. It makes me think, “Am I satisfied with my life?” And if not, “What can I do now to start changing that?”

When I first typed this, I was traveling to Belize to attend my Aunt’s funeral and to be there for my family. I’d had no plans to travel for a while, but it seemed that my homeland beckoned. And, despite my misgivings and my own plans, I’ll always respond to the call. Family is important.

Since then, I travelled to six other countries in the space of six weeks–A totally unplanned for sojourn that just ended up happening as I went along. The next series of posts will be tidbits of reflections of my time in those different places and spaces. 🙂

Thank you, readers, for hanging in there with me.



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