Stop #4: London…and Coffee shops

This will seem so asinine to some folks, but I gotta write about it.

I LOVE coffee shops. I do. I DO. Nothing makes me happier than whiling time away at a cafe with a steaming mug of chai latte and a notebook of some kind to pen my thoughts. It’s the ultimate form of meditation for me, right up there with sitting next to a fountain or a large body of water (river, pond, lake or better yet, the ocean) with a book in hand.

Coffee shops are where people fall in love, where people plan out their dreams, where two friends meet for a heart to heart chat, where business deals are closed…things happen at coffee shops.

My trip to London this time around was all academic business, so naturally, I spent most of my time at various cafés studying (do you see the trend here from my last post?). I’m a law student, so my life is essentially found in statute books and texts harkening on about legal principles. And I find refuge in coffee shops, better than a library because I get to people watch for a bit while being reminded that life goes on outside academia.

What was cool about my café hopping is that I was surrounded by like minded people (there is no such culture in Trinidad and it truly hurts my soul). Other people studying, working on their laptops, or having easygoing conversations. The smell of espresso in the air, lightly playing jazz in the background…yeah. Love it.

img_20160406_123110.jpgI took the above photo on one of my days in London, at this really cool, hipster vegan café. These guys sitting across the table from me found this note and, again, I was so encouraged. The guys started querying the philosophical truth of the note, but all I could focus on was that someone, hours before, probably left that note behind, written on a napkin, to encourage anyone passing through thereafter. As I’ve said, I love randomly finding notes.

You will do great things if you follow what calls your heart.”

Yeah, I can get behind that.




Note: This is part of a series of posts in which I share snippets of my Easter sojourn. Thank you for reading.


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