Stop #6: Bastogne, Belgium


Bastogne War Museum

Historically speaking, I have never visited a locale where Americans are so beloved. Having studied Caribbean and Latin American history in detail, I’m used to some amount of resentment toward the United States on account of all the damage done in the past two centuries. The US, it must be recalled, has acted as nothing short of a bully in the region.

However, in the context of two World Wars in which the Americans essentially saved their asses both times, I came to understand the reverence and praise here in Europe. The two wars, after all, were fought on their soil.

The monument contains the names of all fifty states, commemorating the Allies (led by the Americans) retaking the city of Bastogne from the Nazis. Not long after, the war was finished.


Isn’t there always a war? Outside our doors, or inside our hearts…



Note: This is part of a series of posts in which I share snippets of my Easter sojourn. Thank you for reading.


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