Last Stop: Maastricht, Netherlands


Maastricht River

The coolest place ever, though I didn’t get to see much of it. I did do a quick walking tour with my Luxemburgan brother. The city has a really cool vibe, but my inner law school nerd kept chanting “Treaty of Maastricht, Treaty of Maastricht!” (The Treay is one of the foundation agreements of the European Union (I study EU law)).

The little I did see, though, was pretty cool, and the things I noticed were only because I had a guide who is madly in love with the place.




Random street in old town


Increasingly, I find that I don’t quite like travelling just for the sake of travelling anymore. At least not by myself. These days, I much prefer having a companion and sharing the experience. And, if that means that I get to see less things and simply hang out, that’s completely fine by me.

It’s about the faces, not the places.





Good company, and good hot chocolate! Guess which is which xD



I’m very grateful that I had an opportunity to rove around the world in the way I did during the Easter season. Shout out to my favorite bassist/music producer/brother who welcomed me with open arms and insisted we go places. I would have been just as happy drinking wine in his home the entire time 😉




This is the last in a series of posts in which I share snippets of my Easter sojourn. Thank you for reading! It was my way on catching up on two months of silence. 🙂

Much love and respect,



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