Thank God For the Summertime


Performing at True Talk No Lie, hosted at The Big Black Box, Port of Spain

It’s summer! And I’m saying thank GOD because I can finally turn to my other passions and strengthen them.  My first year of law school was ridiculously stressful, consuming my life far more than I had anticipated. Thus, I had to focus my energies almost entirely on that. Now that it’s over, I look forward to turning to my personal projects. Law is an important part of my path, but so is music.

I’ve been checking out the local music scene here in Port of Spain, and I’ve vowed to perform on every stage I can find. So far, I’ve performed at two open mics to a great crowd, and I’ve been learning about the small niche community that is Port of Spain’s music scene.

In all, I’m taking that next step, which is to share my music not just with friends and anyone friendly enough to listen, but I’m putting myself out there in a bigger way—I’ve created a Youtube channel as well as a separate blog that will focus entirely on my music.

Despite having posted a few videos and music clips of myself here on Daily SojournerFeroza Music is really the first time I’m going head first into sharing the songs I’ve written, near and dear to my heart, with the world. It’s terrifying. My boots quake in fear and the voices tell me that I’m stupid for even trying. But I’ve come too far from where I started two years ago and I’ve gotta try.

So I thank God for the summertime. I have an opportunity to delve into my craft, and nourish my spirit with the other things that give me deep joy.

I’ve noticed friends from different circles also doing the same, which is pretty cool because none of this is coordinated. It must be a feeling in the air. There’s something about student life (or post-student life) and the summertime. It’s an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to breathe. An opportunity to take on new challenges and see where it leads you. I’m not often excited, but I’m excited about this!





ALSO: Shout out to Steward Poindexter from Thank God For The Summertime for introducing me to Ben Rector’s Walking in Between.


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