Imagine searching for a waterfall
Imagine hearing the sound, so close, so close
Imagine never reaching the water
And life, isn’t it so?

Imagine walking that long road
Your destination just on the horizon
Imagine seeing but never reaching
And life, isn’t it so?

What matters what I believe?
What matter is what I know to be true
And truth is think in the air I breathe
We can live purposely
Our purpose is wrapped up in you

Imagine the bottom of despair
The darkness pressing, cold against your skin
Imagine breathing, but never gaining air
And life, sometimes it’s so

Imagine the aching
a dull knife cutting your heart
Imagine the longing for saving
Imagine the doctor
looking, but can’t/won’t do anything
And people, sometimes they’re so

Sometimes, it all seems pointless
Sometimes, it feels like there’s no end
And when it all seems hopeless
That’s when we must have hope



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